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In March 1934, Adolph and Dorothy Jacobs, as newlyweds, purchased a small candy shop in downtown Chattanooga. Starting in business as Jacobs Candy Company, they realized that they could grow by adding a wholesale candy operation to their retail store. They borrowed an uncle’s station wagon, and while one watched the shop, the other would travel the rural areas surrounding Chattanooga peddling candy.

The next major milestone was the 1956 return to Chattanooga of the eldest Jacobs daughter, Helen, and her new husband Victor. With the new management blood in Helen and the natural sales prowess of Victor, the business thrived and grew, causing Jacobs to add products to their wholesale offering. When, in 1959, Fort Howard Paper found itself with a train-car load of paper delivered to a bankrupt local competitor, the Fort made Jacobs’ management an offer they could not refuse. With the addition of the new product line, Jacobs Candy became Jacobs Wholesale Paper Company.

Other company milestones included the return of Helen’s and Victor’s son Michael in 1984, and the addition of his wife, Janice, in 2001.

Adolph and Dorothy Jacobs
Our Founders